What does it mean to be "traceable?"



All BROOKE WADE pieces are handmade in Brooklyn from salvaged or reclaimed wood. This means each piece is made ethically, sustainably, and with little to zero waste, and most of all, is traceable. Traceability allows a customer to trace an object backwards from a store or website, to its fabrication, then to its raw materials; confidently linking a purchase to a specific person, place, and time.


In addition to using exclusively salvaged, low waste materials, BROOKE WADE is committed to the preservation and development of craft and workmanship. A fascination with and awe of the accumulated knowledge of craft is at the heart of BROOKE WADE, and we strive to both learn and teach, to contribute to the amazing legacy of made things.



Overall, participating in a cultural shift from purchase-and-pitch to conscious consumption is the cornerstone of BROOKE WADE's mission. Click to learn more about traceable consumption.